5 Valuable Resources For Dividend Investors

As a dividend investor, it helps to have an arsenal of tools you can rely on to make your life easier, whether that's financial tracking, educational resources or just ways to become a better investor. Here are five valuable resources every dividend investor should know about:

1: DividendMax.com

DividendMax is a dividend investors partner in crime. From their website, you can easily search for your favourite stocks and quickly calculate how much you'd earn from owning a certain number of that stock, as well as identify key dividend dates like the ex-dividend date, declaration date, and payout date. I've Bookmarked Dividend Max and use it daily!

2: Dividend.Watch - Dividend Portfolio Tracking

Dividend.Watch (DW) is my go-to portfolio tracker of choice. Every time I buy a share, I simply add the transaction into my tracker and it updates my monthly and annual income through a gorgeous user interface. You can also use DW to track stocks that don't pay a dividend, too. DW allows you to track your first 10 holdings totally free to see if you enjoy their platform!

3: How To Analyze Dividend Stocks - E-book

When I first got into dividend investing, I had NO IDEA how to analyze the stocks I was investing in. I saw McDonald's and thought, "Hey, I know McDonald's, let me invest in them". That was my dividend analysis in a nutshell. The sad reality is that it was (or is) probably yours, too.

My E-book breaks down a 10-step checklist to help you understand a company's financial position before investing in it. I teach everything from how to find out if a company can sustain its dividend payout to how to read the key components of a financial statement – something EVERY dividend investor should know how to do. The best part? The E-book is written in plain English and is completely beginner-friendly.

Grab a copy here:


4: Everything Money YouTube Channel

If you want to 10x your dividend analysis knowledge, this YouTube channel is a MUST. I came across the Everything money team about a month ago and have binge-watch their content almost daily. Their team are constantly analysing stocks which, in turn, exposes you to important fundamentals to look out for when picking stocks to invest in.

Don't worry if you don't understand each bit of analysis they cover, but keep watching and in no time you'll begin to understand how to read a company's entire financial position.

5: Stock-related News: Investor.com

A dividend investor who doesn't keep tabs on his/her stocks is waiting for trouble. To begin with, I believe dividend investors shouldn't invest in every dividend stock under the sun. The main reason is that it's just too hard to keep up to date with trending news for each investment.

Imagine having a big investment in one company that suddenly goes bust, then, missing the chance to sell beforehand because you couldn't keep up to date with valuable news about their imminent failure. Not a good thing at all. Investor.com allows you to easily keep track of the latest news from stocks you own.

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